I woke up very late in the night, my alarm must have failed me again, I seriously need to get new batteries. My flight was in 3 hours meaning I had to log in to the  logo study for Sachinwebsite and check in online. The official-logo book was still on  my lap. I must have dosed off reading the beautiful stories of Kenya. This will be my 6thtrip to this beautiful country and I always get to discover new places to visit.

I quickly flipped through the pages and got the contact information for the logo study for SachinOffices. This guide is amazing, the information is clearly demarcated based on the different counties to guide the reader, how to get there, where to stay/visit, where to eat, what activities are available etc.

A quick shower and I was off to the airport.

My mind raced to recollect if I had packed all my essentials for the get a way weekend., my bottle of coca-cola_logo-svgcheck, if anything else was forgotten well it didn’t really matter I had the most important items 😉 . Furthermore, I had checked out the Nairobi Serena Hotel  logo-3where I was going to stay in and the Aksum Bar looked stocked so in case my stash ran out I knew I was sorted!

HRG  kxjng4rs_400x400, the Tours and travel company that I had used this time round was so professional and had kept in mind all my request to ensure my experience would be memorable.

As soon as the plane touched down there was a convenient 360 Degrees  360_logo_sm_colorrestaurant  up the corner, I took a quick bite and was off to the   BANK to change the few dollars I had, let the holiday begin!!!

I grabbed my bags and was off to the waiting Executive Rentals  car hire downstairs. The drive to my Hotel was quiet and uneventful, passed a few KWS World Class Logo National Parks  and  andbeyond-logo-1 &Beyond Lodges, I will need to check them out later.

Let me catch up on some sleep the hangover from last night is still heavy…. Keep it locked and I shall tell you more on my diary, thanks to  official-logo .