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Set right in the heart of Nyeri town, The White Rhino Hotel offers 105 guest rooms and suites, modern dining venue, conference facilities and much more.

Brief History
In 1910, three Europeans – Berkely Cole, Lord Cranworth and Sandy Herd – founded the White Rhino Hotel in what was then British East Africa. According to various historical accounts, the establishment was named after a rhino, which was shot at the site during one of the numerous game-hunts conducted by the white settlers. The White Rhino Hotel was well-known across the region as the first segregated exclusive pub for whites and local Africans were kept off with the threat of attacks by guard dogs, which would pounce on them if spotted in the vicinity. In 1965 after independence, the hotel was sold off to an Asian businessman. It had only 27 rooms – most of which were not self-contained – at the time. The hotel offered mainly single rooms and lodging facilities and a bar and restaurant for guests. The bar section was then converted into a seminar hall and the hotel began to allow in the first African patrons. Five years after in 1970, the hotel was sold again. It was at this point that the “whites-only” sign, which had been put at the entrance, was removed, ushering in a new era for the hotel. The White Rhino Hotel was gazetted as a National Heritage site on 9th March, 2001. –