If someone has never seen or experienced cultural tourism at its best, then the Luhya circumcision ceremony is really a test of it. This is one of the most dreaded rites of passage from childhood to adulthood of the Bukusu ethnic group – a sub-tribe of the Luhyia community.
The ceremony which takes place every even year is a sign of bravery that everyone has to undergo.
In organizing for this occasion, the host family has to be contacted in advance to give consent for the interview and the entire process which I already explained above with possibilities of taking photographs.
After consent from the father and other family members, you would be able to attend and participate in the entire Khuminya process.
There is so much singing and dancing to the chinyimba (jingles) lyrics and watching with keen interest how the initiate (omusinde – uncircumcised) plays the jingles as he prepares to enter into adulthood. Songs are sung in Kibukusu language using obscene words directed at both the mother of the initiate and the boy himself.
But it is quite interesting and enjoyable to dance to these lyrics. As a matter of fact, you will find yourself shaking to the tunes as the soloist leads while others respond in a vigorous uniform manner.
It is worth to note that all who are concerned are unaware of the dust created by the dancers which could lead to respiratory infections.
Anyone wishing to attend and participate should take a packet of milk afterward. While the dance is going on outside, the brew continues to fill the emange pot in the father’s house.
The stylish plays of the chinyimba and the whistling the boy makes enriches the mood.