Maasai ­Mara is a land that offers the quintessential balance between civilization and the vast wilderness that remains fittingly unexplored, bursting with life and culture. From the crack of dawn to the close of day, the constant vibrancy of the vast flora and fauna found there offers the ‘in touch with nature’ atmosphere that so many claim is an aspect solely unique to the region.At the heart of this natural hub is the Nubian, a 24 pax gem hidden away from the wilderness at the foot of the picturesque, surrounding, Kileleoni hills in the vast Enonkishu Conservancy.

Complete with warm, welcoming staff members, high standards of service are maintained to ensure each indvidual client has a fulfilling stay at the camp.

Whilst overlooking the boundless treetops and plains at sunset, all are free to indulge themselves in refreshing sundowners or to simply enjoy the pleasures of being huddled around a blazing bonfire in the evening underneath a captivating full moon and a sky dotted with stars. To meet the desires of visitors who seek closer contact with the magnificent wildlife present in the conservancy, drives to the rhino sanctuary, night game drives are also included, where visitors can experience very up-close viewings of these majestic, docile creatures.

1.An environment that morphs into what you wish for

A place of tranquility, to reconnect with one’s inner self, away from the bustle of city life. A place to rekindle friendships put on hold due to hectic work schedules. A setting in which families can come together to create lasting memories. The Nubian in the Mara is whatever you want it to become.

2.We aim to please

Comfort of our guests and clients’ needs are met and are at the top of our priorities. This mindset is what we base all of our services on, and it is what sets us apart. The Nubian understands the uniqueness of all our individual clients and embraces this; There is something for everyone.

3.Bring your business to our business

The Nubian prides itself on its ability to be flexible with all groups that book our grounds. Whereas we aim to be known as a sanctuary from the hassles of city life, a touch of the city is welcomed all the same. Bring your ‘Chama/team building’ groups over for a weekend at our tented camp and we’ll ensure that you experience the camp in all its glory.

4.Our wildlife is unmatched

Our partnership with the Enonkishu Conservancy and reserve proximity means that our clients are able to view wildlife in a more exclusive, safari-like environment, a factor that is excluded in the more busy, national park settings.

5.The Nubian understands its clients

Our flexibility and ability to create an environment that caters to everyone, our ability to reach this goal through our frequently issued holiday packages….

If any of these ‘reasons to come to The Nubian’ appeal to your hearts desire, then book now and Live Once. Severally!