Havila Resort sits on the rolling slopes of Kirinyaga County in a magnificent 40 acres of lush greenery, dissected by the roaring white waters and tides of River Tana, Kenya’s longest river. Our tagline, ‘the gift of serenity,’ is the most eloquent validation of the enchanting beauty and tranquility of the resort. Kirengete Falls, two scenic islands, a canopy of trees and a flock of birds that have made the resort their true home make Havila the perfect place for relaxation, events and team building. Havila, in the Holy Book, is that beautiful place in the Garden of Eden that had gold in plenty. And visitors to Havila Resort contend it conjures mental images of the modern Eden

The Green Zone – The TreesHavila Resorts makes the most eloquent validation that man can tame nature. For the owners have turned an area that hosted some of the largest boulders and rugged rocks, into a canopy of trees.

The Havila Islands

Somewhere in Havila, River Tana splits, as if parting ways. Then, join again, like lovers, parting ways and reconciling. In between, rests two island rich in vegetation and birds. This is God’s priceless gift to honeymooner’s or guests who want to be romanticised by serenity.

The Camp Site

Along the banks of River Tana, is our Havila Camp. Here, one is soothed to sleep by the crispy breeze and the roars of the river. This is every camper’s dream!

Activities at Havila Island