Do you ever feel the need to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of life or perhaps you just like exploring the great outdoors? Tap into your innate sense of adventure and head to The Forest. Situated in the heart of the Aberdare Ranges, in the Kereita Forest, we provide an affordable wide range of activities that will cater to your spirit of adventure, only a short distance from the city.
Our scope of action and adventure activities for those seeking an experience in a natural environment includes:



Our zip lines have undergone the required safety inspection and has been awarded an EN safety certified Class “A” standard, inspectors giving it the thumbs up for safety and engineering, declaring it one of the best zip-lines in the world.

The world-class zip-lines installed and managed by Flying Fox, have a carrying capacity of a maximum of 115 kilograms and are operated under European Union safety regulations.
Your safety is our concern as you crisscross the valleys therefore we provide protective gear, for you to be able to comfortably enjoy this fun and exciting journey through the forest.


Do you have what it takes to become a master archer; the talent, discipline and accuracy? Find out at The Forest and be prepared for some serious fun. Whether you are looking for a competitive sport to compete in or just a fun day out this ancient pastime is an enduring favorite at The Forest.
We like to take this activity a notch higher by placing targets on different distances, and gives you the challenge to hit all these targets over 1 hour period. Are you up for the challenge? Come to The Forest and find out!

Mountain biking

Take a power ride down with Limitless Outdoors through The Forest’s enchanting routes that take you through the diverse landscapes of open grasslands and winding tracks through hills and streams. We also have some top-notch purpose built trails and for the willing, demanding circuits which offer sweeping corners and exciting jumps.
Whether you are looking for adrenaline pumping trails or a more subdued family ride out in the picturesque countryside, you are sure to find a biking adventure to cater to your desire.

Nature walks

Get your team out of the day to day grind and into some serious fun…(Trust us, they’ll thank you for it). We offer a wide range of creative and challenging activities giving a fresh approach to fun interactive adventure teambuilding!
The Forest has crafted activities designed to encourage and motivate you to interact and combine your capabilities to perform better, both individually and as a team. You will break down limitations and barriers that have been built up without even realizing it and build cohesion as a team, company morale, creativity and camaraderie! We combine the fundamental principles required to build a high performance team so you can reap the rewards of investing some time-out with your office chums.

Paint balling

Shoot and splutter to come out on top.

Pick your team, get kitted out and start dodging exploding paint balls in one of the most exhilarating activities at The Forest. Paintball is a terrific team activity in a fun and safe environment. It also teaches valuable principles such as delegation, communication, motivation, strategy and trust; all perfect for team building exercises.
Every member of your team counts and participation is a must……Shoot or be spluttered in sticky paint.
The atmosphere provided by The forest which ranges from thick woodland areas, to large open areas, to vantage points, which gives you the chance to get into the situations that will get excitement rushing through you as you scramble to win

Fly fishing

The Forest offers a fantastic location for you to try your hand at fly-fishing. The Gatemayo River is well stocked with the beautiful rainbow trout, a popular game fish for fly fishers. The river is surrounded with pools and rapids that provide a tranquil to fish in peace and quiet. New to fly fishing and would like to get the best experience at your first try out on the river? Not to worry, our professional instructors will guide you on the art of spinning and baiting the fish. The experience would not be complete without getting a chance to cook and enjoy the trout that you have caught.

Footgolf, Camping and many more.

The Forest is all about revitalizing your body and soul through active learning and direct experiences in a safe and friendly environment. So, grab your friend, bring the family or rejuvenate with your colleagues; at The Forest we have you covered. We are here to provide you with a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Restaurant

The Forest possesses character and wonder in abundance, and it all can be absorbed at the restaurant and lounge area at the adventure center. The view delights as far as the eye can see into the Aberdare Ranges and on a clear sunny day, Mount Kenya is majestically visible.
We source fresh produce from the local area to bring you a memorable and unique culinary experience. Whether you’re keen to sample our mouth watering barbecue to dining in an elegant space, we have everything to delight your taste buds.