Kilua Beach Resort

Looking for a perfect getaway? Kilua Beach Resort is the place to be. It is a well thought out, modern apartment accommodation facility with direct access to the most attractive beach in Mombasa North Coast. Most flexible in hosting family groups as well as individualized single bookings.

Enjoy the enthusiasm for the rich beauty of this land. A beautiful dreamy scenery of the private beaches full of exploration and adventurous. Enjoy amazing panoramic views of the Kenyan coast from Kilua, a modern development of vacation homes for family and friends.

Kilua boasts a fantastic layout with exquisite lounging by the pool, relaxing in the shaded terraces, contemporary exquisite furniture, and exemplary interior, beautifully furnished bedrooms with all necessary bedroom amenities

Kilua Restaurant

Indulge yourself in stylish dining in our luxurious 24-hour restaurant. We serve diverse cuisines using only the freshest ingredients. A wide assortment of alcohol-free drinks is available to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Orchid Cafe

Orchid Cafe offers a classy open atmosphere where guests can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and interact with each other. The cafe shares the same range of diverse cuisines and refreshments as the restaurant.