Of all the other places you would like to visit in Kenya,please add Kakamega to your bucket list. Kakamega is a town in western Kenya lying about 30 km north of the Equator. It is the headquarters of Kakamega County.52 km north of Kisumu, Kakamega is the most populous county after Nairobi and third largest city in Kenya and a port city on Lake Victoria. The average elevation of Kakamega is 1,535 metres.

The county has 9 constituencies in total, namely Butere, Mumias East, Matungu, Khwisero, Shinyalu, Lurambi, ikolomani, Lugari and Malava.

Kakamega was so named because the word “kakamega” translates roughly to “pinch” in Kiluhyah, which was used to describe how European colonists would eat the staple food, ugali.

A  trip to Kakamega is never complete without a visit to the Khayega and Malinya grounds to behold the popular bull fighting spectacle practiced among the Isukha and Idako tribes. Unlike the Spanish corrida de toros where man fights bull, the Kakamega bull-fighting involves bulls fighting each other. This cultural sport has become so popular that special stadia are now under construction to host the monthly event.