Let’s forget the sandy beaches for while, let’s also forget the Mara . May we visit Central Parts of Kenya for  while- Nyahururu

Nyahururu  (formerly known as Thomson’s Falls) is a town in Kenya, lying east of Nakuru. … The town has an urban population of 36,450. The town still remains to be a central economic power of the immediate former district of Nyandarua.Nyahururu is mainly an agricultural town with a focus on maize, potatoes and flowers. Additional economic activities include tourism and banking services. The small town is a pitstop for voyagers to Maralal as the accommodation is good value for money and the fuel prices are more affordable than in the Northern part of Kenya.

When you arrive, Nyahururu offers plenty to do resulting from a great base to explore some of Kenya’s natural attractions. For example, the town is close to the Aberdare National Park where you can spot rhinos, elephants, warthogs, buffalo and sometimes even leopards and hyenas.

There are also some stunningly beautiful natural features to visit, including the Thomson Falls on the Ewaso Ng’iro river. If you’d like to visit Nyahururu, the closest airport is Nanyuki Airport, about 70 miles away. From there, the best option is to rent a car or take either a Matutu (minibus) or a regular scheduled bus, which should take around 3 hours.

For travellers that enjoy a road trip, the most scenic route is the Nakuru route which cuts through Subukia valleys, hilly farmlands and dense forests.


Of everything else to view in Nyahururu, these three are key. The Thompson Falls,Equator Sign, Ol Pejeta Conservancy and The Chimpanzee Sanctuary

  1. Equator Sign Ol Pajeta Conservancy

Discover the Equator Sign within Ol Pejeta Conservancy. The imaginary line that splits earth into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres , located on the eastern edge of the conservancy, close to Rungai Gate. Take photos and enjoy the scenic backdrop of Mount Kenya from the Equator Sign.

Since the equator cuts across Kenya almost in the middle, the sun is directly overhead at noon on the two equinoxes in March and September 21st. Other places in Kenya that the equator lines cuts across are Mount Kenya, Mount Elgon, Maseno, Nyahururu and Nanyuki.

The most intriguing phenomenon is that areas located on the Earth’s equator have the fastest sunrises and sunsets. You’ll therefore notice that the time it takes for the sun to set and rise at the Equator Sign in Ol Pejeta is the fastest on Earth hence transition from day to night takes only a few minutes.

Getting to the Equator Sign
The main gate into Ol Pejeta, Rongai gate, is where you’ll find the equator sign. The drive from Nairobi takes about 3-4 hours using the Nanyuki route. From Nakuru/ Naivasha; it is best to take the road via Nyahururu and Nyeri to enter Ol Pejeta through Nanyuki. About 6.5km after Nanyuki airstrip, there is a sign to Ol Pejeta on the left, and it is signposted all the way to Rongai Gate.

2. The Thompson Falls Lodge

Thomson’s Falls Lodge is located at the world’s famous Thomson’s Falls, which was discovered in 1883 by Joseph Thomson, a scottish geologist and naturalist. It’s 7,800 feet above sea level and sits on a 10 acre lawn thats shaded with african olives, cedar trees among other exotic trees which makes us the perfect place for family and friends gatherings, picnics, conferencing, weddings, vacations & leisure travellers.

One can always view the falls from the Lodge as the site is breathtaking or take a 20 minutes or so walk down the bottom of the Gorge.

3. Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary is located within Ol Pejeta Conservancy and is one of the 18 sanctuaries in 12 African countries caring for orphaned primates. Initially, when the sanctuary was opened in 1993, the chimpanzees came from Burundi due to the civil war. The chimpanzees currently are rescued from different parts of the world. Here they are nursed back to health and later introduced to one of the two large groups.

Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary forms a conducive habitat for chimpanzees and other primates as the Ewas Nyiro river runs cuts across hence the chimps spend their dayligh hours climbing, exploring and socialising in the trees.

You can visit this sanctuary when exploring other attractions in Ol Pejeta. Discover facts that make chimpanzees man’s cousins by touring this chimpanzee sanctuary in Ol Pejeta.

Enjoy your visit  to this part of Kenya