Apart from amazing people and the beautiful climate,Nairobi also boasts special Eat outs. How about a beer inspired menu?

Sierra brasserie, located at Yaya Center Nairobi ,is the first boutique brewery and restaurant in East and Central Africa and is inspired by the experiences of the founder in Thailand, California and Bavaria.

After his first experience of drinking a microbrew in Bangkok, he embarked on a journey to build Kenya’s first boutique brewery which took him to California. Here he trained under Bavarian trained brewer masters at the Gordon Biersch brewing company in San Francisco after completing the master brewers program at the University of California. It is this experience that inspired the name Sierra.

His journey then took him to Bavaria where he designed the brewery with the help of brewery engineering consultants, Nerb GMBH. Sierra reflects the influences of this journey through San Francisco style, Thai food and Bavarian beer.

Sierra offers both seasonal and premium beers. This means you are spoilt for choice.