Located in rural Kenya on a hill, next to the scenic Aberdare ranges overlooking the Laikipia plains and Mt Kenya is Tafaria Castle.

Tafaria Castle, Abadare Ranges

What began as a small Castle in the countryside in 2012, has grown into a lodge, a conference center, a museum and center for the Arts.


Sports: Horseback Riding, Horse Carriage Riding, Swimming, Archery, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, and Badminton

Relaxation: Not the sporting type? Not to worry there are also opportunities to enjoy a relaxing bird watching experience or a culturally insightful art tour.

If you like to unwind by working out or by meditation then we have yoga classes and an outside gym.

There is even a kids park to entertain your little ones allowing you to take a relaxing break.

Game Drive

We invite you to a lifetime experience with our game drives and hikes. We shall take you for one of a kind hike or game drives to see some of the big 5 at the Aberdare National Park or Solio animal sanctuary famous for its white and black rhinos plus lions, leopards, cheetahs, buffaloes, and zebras. You may also want to adventure further into the park and experience an amazing scenic drive where you see some of the most majestic waterfalls on the continent.