Are you looking for an exclusive place that allows you to get away from it all?  Teddy Bear Island on Lake Baringo holds the key. The only catch is that you will need to know someone who can get you on the island.  All visits are by invitation only.

There are boat trips on Lake Baringo where one can view an incredible variety of birdlife, with over 450 species inhabiting the area, as well as hippo and crocodile. You can also visit Giraffe Island to see 8 Rothchilds giraffe, warthog, impala, hyrax, monkeys, pangolin, hippo, and ostrich. Kayak lazily on the lake, practice your water skiing, or just have fun swimming.

Power and lighting
The Camp runs on a hybrid system of solar, battery & generator. The Mess has plugs to recharge phones & tablets and there is phone signal throughout so the internet is available. There are fairy lights throughout the Mess and lanterns and solar lamps too. Please bring only WHITE (non-colored) candles.

The Bedrooms

The Camp can accommodate 8 adults.

There are 2 spacious Tents, Stone Cottage, and a new Star Room,each with a double bed and ensuite bathroom.

There are also 3 single beds with dome nets in the Eagle’s Nest at the back of the Mess, with a bathroom, which is ideal for kids and teenagers.
There are solar lamps in tents.


There are 2 spacious Tents each with a double bed, amazing views, and a Star Shower. As there is no hot water system the best time for sun-warmed showers is at 4.30 pm.

This new room has a 4-Poster double bed and a Star Bath, Shower, and Loo overlooking the Lake. It can get quite windy but it’s a perfect location to see the Milky Way!