Stomach complaints generally come from the fact that tourists enthusiastically throw themselves into buffet tables and eat three times as much as normal, moreover different food. It shatters the stomach. It is not advisable to drink tap water, only bottled water. Swahili cuisine is really delicious. Do not hesitate to try the dishes, but everything in moderation!
One of the most popular beers in Kenya is Tusker, and all restaurants and bars having liquor licence offer many kinds of alcoholic drinks.


110 V., 60 Hz. In Kenya, they have the American type wall sockets, so you need a US standard adapter, which you can either buy at home, or in Kenya too. Most of the hotels can provide adapters on request. Due to frequent power cuts, hotels have their own generators. On Wasini Island, we provide electricity by means of solar cells and generators.


There is no obligatory vaccination to enter Kenya, but general vaccinations are highly recommended, for example vaccination against yellow fever, tetanus, typhus, hepatitis A and B. Prior to your trip, it is worth visiting your local epidemiology centre, where you can get up-to-date information about the necessary vaccinations as well as other tropical health issues.

More about preventions

General advice: it is not advisable to use perfume, or any kind of scent, because it attracts mosquitoes (malaria is spread by mosquitoes). We suggest that you use mosquito repellents and mosquito nets. The latter one is provided in every hotel.


For diving
In Kenya, weather is always good on the coastline. If you want to dive, the period between October and April is your time, when it hardly ever rains and the water is nice and clear.
The whaleshark and matra ray migration period is between December and February.

For safari
If you would like to go on a safari, the best time to come is August, because this is, when animals migrate. It is worth booking your safari well in advance to secure your place. If you want to dive after the safari, August is an excellent time for that too.

The rainy season is from the end of May to July, and then it rains a bit at the end of November too.


Language: English, Swahili

Currency: Kenya Shilling, 100 KSH = 1 EUR

Mini dictionary

Hello:                        Jambo!
Answer to hello:      Mambo!
Thank you:               Asante Sana
Relax:                       Pole pole
White person:         Mzungu
Welcome:                Karibu!
Water:                       Maji


Along the coastline of East Africa, people are mostly Muslim, but since the beginning of time, many kinds of nations and tribes have lived next to each other in this area, so there are quite a few Christians, Hindus and other people, for example Masais. On the street, we can see women completely covered with veil, Africans dressed in the traditional kanga, people dressed in European clothes, and those dressed in traditional tribe wear. It is a genuine multicultural medley.


Nairobi – Kenyatta International Airpoart – In the capital of Kenya, one-hour flight or eight-hour bus trip to Mombasa,
– Harbour and resort area on the coast of the Indian Ocean, charter flights from Europe land here, or a one-hour flight from Nairobi,
– In Tanzania, but there are quite frequent local flights to Nairobi and Mombasa,
Dar es Salaam
– The capital of Tanzania, located on the coast of the ocean, from where short flights take you to the desired destinations.


Kenyan people are very kind and relaxed people, and besides football, it is only politics that can make them immensely nervous, and according to previous years’ experiences to an extent that around the time of elections, it is not advisable to visit the country. After a few weeks of raging, tempers settle, and everything goes back to the normal routine. Irrespective of this, Kenya is the country, which can be regarded the most stable in East Africa.


Kenyan people are generally very nice, and kindly say hello to you on the street – Jambo. Public safety is basically good, but obviously it is worth taking the basic precautionary measures. If possible, keep all your valuables and flight tickets in the hotel safe, and after dark, it is not advisable for women to walk alone in dark back-street areas – but this goes for all the cities in the world! Extraordinary preparedness is not required.
The sense of humour of Kenyan people is very good. They are quite relaxed and talk to their guests with pleasure. They do not worry or run to-and-fro, yet everything is done on time. Let us relax and enjoy that here, time flows differently.


Malindi Beach – an hour North from Mombasa
Bamburi Beach – Mombasa
Tiwi Beach – South from Mombasa
Diani Beach – South from Mombasa and Tiwi, about an hour from Mombasa
Wasini Island – two-hour drive from Mombasa to the South, not far from the Tanzanian border


Muslim people normally do not like to be taken photos of, so you’d better ask for permission. If you would like to take a picture of a child, some sweets will ease the negotiation. A major source of revenue for the warriors of the Masai tribe wearing decorative jewels is to be taken photos of. So be prepared that you will have to pay for them.


This is the Equator sun! Get prepared with strong sun protection, after-sun products, caps, shawls, and if possible, do not stay in the scorching sun uncovered for a long time!